The Foundation

Created in June 2013 at the initiative of Mrs. Dinara Kulibayeva, the Montes Alti Foundation aims to promote the education of children and young adults locally, without any particular distinction.

Geneva stands out for its abundance of projects and initiatives in the field of education. It is important that the private sector contributes to it and take its share.

In this context the Montes Alti Foundation identifies and supports special needs and public interest. Among the areas considered, the priority areas are the in-service training of teachers and young people, innovation and creativity, sport and art.

At the same time, Montes Alti is involved in prevention and support initiatives aimed at overcoming certain shortcomings related to the evolution of society.

Under Swiss law The Foundation is regulated by the Supervisory Authority for Foundations and foresight institutions.

Foundation Board Members

Dinara Kulibayeva, president
Philippe Eberhard
Christian Fluhr